Financial Conflict Between Couples 

Strategists who work with couples have found there to be a few conflicts that are most common between them. Different priorities: financial management done predominately by one partner, helping adult children, and disagreements over an inheritance. Each seems to resonate in different ways as we all know how common it is to have one partner be more of a spender than the other, or more inclined to save than the other. Or, perhaps one partner finds it easier to take the reins of being in charge of the money while the other finds it overwhelming or confusing. As it relates to providing financial assistance to adult children, we have also seen those scenarios of multi-children families where one child, adult or not, seems to need more financial support than the others. Inheritance issues seem to be on the rise, related either to incorporating kids from an earlier marriage into a shared estate plan, which may mean less for the others, or it becomes a conflict when one partner inherits and wants to keep it for themself. Call us if you’re currently trying to navigate any of these conflicts, as we might have some ideas we’ve gathered from our experience as financial professionals and working in a myriad of different situations. We’re always here to help.

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