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Orfin & Associates knows how important it is to plan your future. We’ve helped thousands of people plan for their retirement future over the years. We focus on protecting what you’ve worked so hard to save. In addition, our decades of experience means you get direct, honest advice from a financial planner who knows the industry well. Our methods help people feel confident about reaching their financial goals. Some areas we assist our clients with include:

  1. Asset protection, especially from stock market losses
  2. Gaining a reasonable rate of return** in retirement
  3. Keeping your overall retirement strategy simple

Protecting Your income

Will you have enough to retire? And, will your money be enough to last your whole life? When it comes to planning for the future, you need a solid strategy. Fortunately, we offer options for protecting your money while allowing the possibility of a reasonable rate of return**. First, securing your income is a necessary part of successful retirement strategies. You can learn more about ways to accomplish this by attending one of our no-cost educational seminars or webinars. In addition, we offer one-on-one meetings with clients to answer questions and help protect your assets and your goals. If you’re looking for a financial planner in Michigan, Orfin and Associates is the option for you. Our wealth management services can help guide you toward a safe and secure retirement. 

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Why Orfin and Associates?

To have a successful retirement, you first have to understand where you are now. In fact, in our meetings with clients, we make sure you know exactly how your current strategies are working. Also, we go over the potential risks and tax implications with items in your strategy. In addition, our educational sessions offer retirees and pre-retirees the chance to learn more about retirement. You can ask questions, and gain knowledge critical for your success. We offer services in the fields of life insurance, wealth management, Medicare, long-term care, and more. Get all the tools you need to reach your goals. Contact us today.



So, of all the financial planners out there, why choose Orfin and Associates? Dan Orfin is a fiduciary financial planner, meaning it’s literally his job to act in his clients’ best interest. Our firm’s dedication to helping clients shows in the work we do. Since our start in 1999, we’ve made relationships with clients that will last a lifetime. 

Our calm, direct, and honest approach helps clients know that they are in good hands. In fact, we believe in a “leave you better…or leave you alone” ideal. In other words, if we can help you, we do. And, if what you’re doing now is better for you, we’ll tell you that, too. In the end, we guide you with integrity. Your success is our reward.

Retirement and Safety

While you are still working and many years from retiring, you may be willing to take more investment risks. As you know, the stock market can see some peaks and valleys. However, when you get close to retirement, you may begin to seek more stable places for your money. Because of this new goal, the methods you use may change, too. It’s our belief that you should have a balanced portfolio with at least some of your money kept in “safe money” options. We can work with you to protect your principal while creating the potential for interest growth. Safety first, and then potential accumulation. 

Interest Potential in Retirement

You might think you have to make a choice: protection or earnings. However, this is not necessarily the case. Our offerings include ways to do both. For example, certain annuity or life insurance policies may allow for the safety of the principal yet generate a reasonable rate of return**. Looking at tax implications may help as well. In addition, you may look at your risk tolerance to figure out other retirement solutions. By viewing your overall goals and current strategy, we can help guide you. Finding a balance in retirement security versus potential interest growth is an important part of a solid strategy.

Keeping It Simple

The good news is that you can keep your retirement strategy simple. A complex strategy is not a necessarily a better strategy. This is where our team can help. In fact, we believe you deserve to really understand where your money is and how it is working for you. You need someone in your corner to guide you. But, at the end of the day, you are the one in charge of your money and your future. If you have questions, we want to help answer them. Our approach is to educate, guide, and review strategies with you, each step of the way.

A Successful Retirement Is Possible

Curious about protection options for your money? Want to find out how to prevent losses even if the stock market goes down? Or, do you want to learn more about factors that may impact your retirement, such as paying for Medicare and long-term care? Dan Orfin is here to help. Call us today to schedule an appointment or attend an upcoming event to learn more.

About Orfin & Associates

Dan Orfin

Dan Orfin, our founder, has dedicated his career to helping individuals and families have peace of mind and protection. Initially focused on providing health insurance and term life insurance options, Dan’s firm grew along with his clients needs. Now, Orfin and Associates offers a complete array of life insurance, annuity, and retirement options. Additionally, Dan is a financial planner and a fiduciary, meaning he’s required by law to act in his clients’ best interest. 

We make sure our clients feel confident, secure, and in control of their long-term strategy.

You Have Options Available

Logically, people near or in retirement want to protect their assets from market losses. So, our firm provides several options to help. We offer wealth management services, with an “active” money management approach. We work with insurance companies to offer annuities and life insurance products, which you may be able to use to help protect your future. Protecting your retirement earnings is one of our core values. 

We can review the different solutions available to you, and discuss which may be right for you. We think it is important to keep things simple and clear. With clarity, you can see your goals and accomplish them.

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Happy Clients

"After much researching, finally, I found what I'm looking for!! Dan Orfin & Associates! The transparency and honesty is a breath of fresh air. Dan and his team are on the ball! I don't have to chase them, they are always in communication with me. I finally can rest, not worried about my money as I have in the past."
"Very helpful answers questions and gives answers that you understand. Friendly group."
As a new client I could not be happier with Dan and his people. The plan we invested with is truly a great product. I am looking forward to the future because I feel safe and secure. I would recommend Dan to ANYONE!
We've been associated with Dan Orfin since March 2015. In that time he has done exactly what he promised: "Leave you better off, or leave you alone." We have been happy with the results of the program presented by Dan, and it was presented with no pressure and no hype. Great guy to do business with.
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Educational Seminar On Retirement Protection

Orfin and Associates puts on many online and in-person education events throughout the year. We want you to empower yourself with the information you need for successful retirement strategies. In addition, as a thank you for your time, we provide a  meal or gift card for attendees at no additional cost. In these sessions, we’ll cover ideas on protecting your money, potential reasonable rates of return**, and ways to leave a legacy. These seminars have limited registrations available, so contact us today to save your spot.

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