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Wealth Management

Investing is a tricky process.

The state of the stock market will change as time goes on. In order to prevent losses, you must do your research and invest in the right stocks at the right times. In our professional opinion, it would be best to work with a financial advisor with an “active” money management approach. Looking for a Michigan financial advisor who can help you with this? You’re in luck.

retired couple meeting with wealth management professional

Active Vs. Passive Money Management

“Actively managed” money differs from “passively managed” money. If your investments are managed passively, what this means is there isn’t anyone keeping up with or looking after them. This might work fine over a long period, but it’s riskier when you’re older and don’t have as much time on your side. Active money management, meanwhile, entails someone advising you on how to invest, in order to hopefully get you more success in the long run.

Annual Meetings/"Financial Checkups"

Our annual meetings with clients offer an opportunity for us to take a look at their finances, the success of their current strategy, and how it could possibly be improved. Checking on you to make sure that your finances are still in order is something that sets Orfin & Associates apart from other options. If you’re looking for a Financial Advisor in Michigan, reach out to us.

How do you know your current retirement strategy is still working correctly? Many different factors might affect your investments over the course of a year. However, we can help you stay on track at our annual meetings.

financial advisors meeting to go over wealth management strategies

Some things we'll discuss with you may include:

  • Your asset allocation could be out of balance
  • Your portfolio might not be as diversified as you thought
  • Your financial goals might have changed over the course of a year
  • Or, your life situation might’ve unexpectedly changed
  • Laws also change: For example, tax laws change frequently
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