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Our team is committed to help our clients every step of the way. We are a solution-oriented firm that believes that personalized service is paramount. When you call us, we pick up the phone. We respond and we listen. Our approach is focused on you and your goals. And, our people carry that responsibility through their work. Meet the professionals of Orfin and Associates. We’re here to help.

Dan Orfin
Dan Orfin, CEO

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Dan Orfin was born and raised in Metro Detroit. He spent his early years in Sterling Heights and then later moved to Rochester. He grew up with two brothers and a sister. When Dan was growing up, he learned the value of a dollar from his parents. They taught him that nothing is free in life and if you want something, work hard and smart and you can have it. Dan started working as a paperboy when he was 12 years old. Then he worked for a small business owner, at a pizzeria, in Rochester. Once he graduated from High School, he went to Western Michigan University and got a degree in Production Operation MGMT. When Dan graduated from WMU, he took a job with General Motors. He quickly learned that he wanted to own his own business and help his neighbors in the community. Dan got into the insurance business in 1999. He has historically been in the top 1% of Producers Nationwide.

Laura Dailey
Marketing Manager

Laura Dailey joined the Orfin Team in 2016 as the marketing manager in charge of planning Retirement Workshops, Client Events and Scheduling. She has been a friend and colleague of Dan Orfin’s for almost 18 years.

After spending 10 years in the insurance and financial industry, Laura spent 3 years in Shanghai, China with her husband teaching English to Chinese migrants and professionals and doing volunteer work with victims of human trafficking.

Prior to joining the team, Laura was the recruiting and training manager for a local insurance firm where she also managed social media and marketing campaigns.

She continues her volunteer work in and around Detroit. In her free time, she enjoys boating and spin classes as well as National and International travel with family and friends.

Laura lives in the Village of Wolverine Lake with her husband Tom and has two grown boys living in Chicago and Clearwater Beach.

She has worked with and trained office staff around the country while maintaining outstanding customer service, a top priority of Orfin & Associates.

You can reach Laura at the Troy office: 248-918-5100 ext. 112,

Chyenne Hayes joined the Orfin Team in October of 2017. Chyenne is the Client Service Manager. She processes all new business and works to ensure all clients are well informed, completely satisfied and all transactions are documented and processed correctly. She is licensed in Life Insurance and Annuities.

Prior to joining the team, She has 3 years of experience in customer service and of administrative duties. She attended Jackson College where she played soccer and graduated in 2016 with her degree in Criminal Justice.

Her previous position at Orfin & Associates was assistant marketer and admin.

Chyenne currently lives in Pontiac, Michigan with her husband. She likes to be outdoors, enjoying everything from hunting and fishing to hiking and camping. Chyenne also loves volunteering and is involved with the non-profit Monarch Wings – Hope Against Trafficking.

You can reach Chyenne at the Troy office: 248-915-5100 ext. 114,

Chyenne Hayes
Client Services Manager
Nicole Hoover
Administrative Assistant

Nicole Hoover joined to Orfin team in 2021 as marketing and administrative assistant. Before joining the team she had 3 years of administrative assistant experience and 8 years of customer service experience. She is currently attending Baker College working towards a degree in accounting. She lives in Waterford on the lake and loves anything to do with being outdoors, like golfing, kayaking and running.
You can reach Nicole at the Troy office: 248-918-5100 ext. 116,

Samantha Gollapinny joined the team in July 2023 as the Marketing and Admin Assistant Manager. She was born and raised in Michigan, attending Washtenaw Community College and Eastern Michigan University.

Before joining the team, Samantha had 12 years of experience in Administration, Sales, and Customer Service. Her most recent position was with BXP out of Santa Monica, California where she honed her administrative and marketing skills. She believes that communication, creativity, and cohesion in the workplace are the keys to success.

In her spare time, Samantha considers herself quite nerdy. She plays D&D with her long-time friends often, attends car meets and track days with her enthusiastic husband, and spends as much time as she can with her family. When none of that is happening, she reads, hikes, or finds creative hobbies to keep herself occupied.

You can reach Samantha at the Troy office: 248-918-5100,

Samantha Gollapinny
Marketing and Admin. Assistant Manager
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