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How You Can Help Retallick Financial Group

Referrals Referrals are our greatest compliments. Please invite qualifying friends or family who are interested in learning about the possibilities of protecting their principal from market declines* to and upcoming dinner presentations or a Retallick Financial Group Event. We would love for you to join them! Attend Dinner Presentations We always invite our clients to

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Aging is an Opportunity

Aging is an Opportunity This week’s article reminds us “silver is the new green”, and that “around the world, people are living longer as birth rates decline.” Because of this, it isn’t just public policymakers and the private business sector that must reevaluate their long-term strategies. As Seniors, we are reminded a “changing landscape offers

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Solutions not Problems

If you are like many, you are tired of reading so much about the negative consequences of COVID on our finances, employment and plans – whatever they may be, and you long to hear more about solutions. This week’s article tells us things we already know – that the “economic downturn prompted by the coronavirus

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Formula for the math

Commentary: I’ve been asked to explain how the dollar amount of what someone receives in social security is impacted by their age at filing for SS. This week’s article does that. It tells us “One of the most important factors affecting your retirement security is how long you work. Additional years make it easier to

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Back Roads of the Economy

J.P. Morgan’s chief global strategist David Kelley recently gave a speech concerning there still being a long way to go before the US has a full economic recovery and it is “therefore wise for investors to be cautious.” “He compared the current situation to when he used to drive to New York from Massachusetts. It’s

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