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Safe Income Investments for Retirees

Once you’re no longer working, you may want to look at safe income investments for retirees. Of course, each client has their own unique risk tolerance. Also, every circumstance is different. If you have a large amount in savings, for example, you may be more willing to risk some of it. However, if you a more risk averse, a safe income option may be appealing. At Orfin & Associates we work to keep your money and retirement income safe.

We hold 3 ideals near and dear when working with clients:

  1. Safety of principal is the main priority.
  2. Rates of return can (and should) be reasonable.**
  3. A good retirement strategy should be simple.

Protection Options for Safe Income Investment for Retirees

One of the best things you can to do preserve your wealth long-term is to protect it. Specifically, we help retirees to avoid losing their principal, even when the market drops. This is particularly important once you are in retirement because you have less time for an account to recover from a loss. Of course, investing in the market poses additional risks. Hence, many retiree want options to keep their principal safe, no matter what happens in the market.

To help, Orfin & Associates offers certain annuity products as well as life insurance options. These specific strategies may help protect your overall retirement wealth. For instance, fixed index annuities (FIAs) as well as fixed annuities come with a guarantee* of principal protection. This guarantee is provided by the issuing insurance company. In addition, some of these choices come with a reasonable rate of return** on your money as well. For many people, FIAs are one way to have a low-risk strategy to reasonably grow yet protect your money.

“A Focus on Safe Income Investments for Retirees”

Interested in finding out more about potential indexed interest options? Attend one of our no cost, no-obligation educational sessions, or call us today.

Safety for Your Money

Orfin & Associates is here to help you…

Secure Your Retirement Future

Depending upon your situation, the stock market may be a good choice for some of your money. For example, when you’re still in the “growth” stage of retirement savings, you may not mind the risk that stock market investments bring. You might be able to ride the waves of market ups and downs. But, many people can’t. For instance, 2008 brought a rather dramatic dip in the market. We saw another drop in 2020, as well as several others throughout the years. To some people, the uncertainty isn’t worth the potential upside. Instead, they want another place to keep their money safe without having to worry about market changes.

Annuities and Safety

Two options to consider to keep your principal protected include a fixed annuity and a fixed index annuity (FIA). Both of these are contracts with insurance companies. As part of the stipulations of the contract, the issuing company agrees to keep your money safe. This concept is not unlike the idea of the FDIC, which insures deposits of up to $250,000 at most banks. The downside of a traditional bank account, of course, is the rate of return. Usually, there isn’t much increase in bank interest. Also, bank accounts are subject to income tax. With a fixed annuity or with an FIA, however, growth is tax-deferred. You pay taxes when you pull money out. This allows it to grow tax-deferred Also, you can take a regular income from most FIAs or fixed annuities as well. Reach out to find out which options may be right for you.

Safety is a key component of a secure retirement. At Orfin & Associates, we work with clients to make a strategy. Then, we show you options to help reach your retirement goals. Get more information today. Sign up for an upcoming event or call us to learn more.

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