The importance of age 65

Medicare Explained

Are you turning 65? Here’s some important information regarding healthcare options.

Three months before your turn 65, you’ll be able to make a decision about this health benefit. In fact, it is a good idea to act quickly. That’s because your Part B coverage takes a while to activate. So, if you wait until you turn 65, you might not have health insurance for a few months. In other words, you might have a gap in your insurance. In addition, before time runs out, you may also wish to select a Medicare Advantage Plan. Several options exist so be sure to understand these choices and make the right one for you.

Early Sign Up - Why It Matters

At age 65, you are eligible for Medicare. For those who already get social security benefits, you may not have to sign up. But, if you aren’t collecting social security yet, your benefits may not happen automatically. Also, because of the various parts of this public health insurance, signing up early helps you make a good selection. In addition, you must make a choice within a set period of time. (see below for specifics)

For instance, Part A coverage provides hospital care, skilled nursing, and home health care. Part B involves preventative services and medically necessary procedures and services. Part C adds some prescription coverage. There is also a Part D option. Furthermore, the “basic” policies have limitations. Therefore, a supplemental policy could be an important part of your health care coverage.

Initial Enrollment Period

When it comes to government-sponsored healthcare at age 65, it is important to learn your options. One key point is the initial enrollment period. During this time frame, you can sign up for your Medicare options and select important additional coverage, if you choose. You can contact our office regarding any questions on supplemental insurance. Or, feel free to reach out about the process as well.

The sign-up period involves a specific window of time, as follows:

  • 3 months prior to turning age 65
  • The month you turn 65
  • Within 3 months after you turn age 65


Plan Types - Medicare Explained

Two main plan types exist for those turning 65: Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Part A & B is basic healthcare coverage. However, this alone may not cover all of your medical needs. Thankfully, you do have options to add to your insurance via Medicare Advantage. With this plan type, you can add more drug coverage, services, and other options. Additionally, you may gain other benefits too.

Another critical part of health insurance in retirement may be Medicare supplemental insurance. This type of coverage helps many retirees avoid surprise medical bills. In addition, more coverage could mean you have more provider options. Some retirees find the basic plans do not cover the doctors they had. With supplemental insurance, you may have more options. No one wants to go shopping for a new doctor because their insurance does not cover that provider.

Your health is an important part of your life. Shouldn’t you protect it? With the time limits, be sure to reach out to us as soon as possible to discuss your options. If you already have Medicare, call us to find out if supplemental insurance could still work for you.

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Help With Your Medicare Options

We understand this part of your retirement can be confusing. That’s why we’re here to answer questions, and provide you the information you need to make a decisions. Our team of professionals is here to help answer your questions. Let’s connect.

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