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My husband and I are very pleased with the guidance Dan has given us. If only we had seen him many years ago we would not have incurred the losses we had over the years. Thanks to Dan we are now on the right road and our financial net is secure.
September Hoff
My wife and I have been clients with Orfin & Associates since December 2014. Dan and his staff are very caring and concerned that they help us any way they can with our investments with them. Dan continually has events that we and new clients are welcome to attend where he updates us on any strategies he feels may be helpful to us. These events include a delicious meal, movie or some other activity. We have never felt pressured to make a decision and Dan has always answered our questions patiently and thoroughly while giving us the benefit of his knowledge of annuities and other investment opportunities to help us grow our retirement nest egg. Since the beginning of our relationship with Orfin & Associates, we have felt confident that our investments are in good hands.
Ed Gabriel


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