Retirement Strategies
(and the 25% Bonus)

Are you looking to learn more about retirement strategies?

Interested in how you can earn a reasonable rate of return
yet protect your savings from the market? Then, join us!

Right now, there are retirement options available that are helping people increase their retirement income and death benefits. Our firm has just received information on a program that is giving people a bonus on their deposit that increases to 25%. 

That means for $100,000 deposited, an additional 25% is added, if you qualify.

BUT...this is only available
from May 4, 2021 - June 21, 2021.

So, we’ve decided to hold several events to help explain how this retirement strategy works.

There is no obligation and no high-pressure sales. Just some retirement strategy information and a delicious complimentary meal. Bring your friends!

 Tues. May 11th

 Da Francesco’s

Shelby Township

 Tues. May 18th

Ciao Italian Bistro

West Bloomfield

 Thurs. June 10th



When we meet we’ll discuss:

NOTE: Some of the information and options discussed in these sessions are only relevant and available through June 21, 2021.

If you’d like to learn about these special bonuses, be sure to register now.
Clients – bring your friends, enjoy a meal, and learn all about this new information.

Some restrictions may apply, and these types of products may not be suitable for everyone.
All aspects of products will be discussed at the appointment. By contacting Scott Turney, TN Ins. Lic #758917, Turney Financial, TN Ins Lic #2368538, you may be offered information regarding the purchase of insurance products, including fixed index annuities and life. NO products will be sold at the event and there is no obligation to make a follow up appointment.

We believe in keeping your money safe, helping you obtain a reasonable rate of return and keeping things simple.

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